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  • 4/24/2002
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  • Zoe Leunissen was born April 24, 2002 in Ashland, Kentucky. As an infant she started humming and as a toddler she started singing herself to sleep. At the age of 12, she stepped on a “big stage” for the first time for a local “apollo” talent competition. She ended up taking home the first place prize. After that, she started entering more talent competitions. She also sang acapella at a local Bar & Grill. Which was difficult considering it was a country bar. At that time she was influenced by the artist, Lorde, and the patrons of the bar kept asking her to come back every week.
    By the time she was in high school, she joined the Advanced choir, where she learned to sing in spanish, german, and other languages. She sang at her high schools talent show yearly.
    At the age of 16 she was signed to a record label “White Lion” and is now being managed by “SGU, Salter Gann Universal Promotions and Management”.
    Zoe’s first single will be released on March 1, 2019. She hopes to continue moving up in the music industry.