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BlastFM Internet Radio Station
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BlastFM Internet Radio Station
Description - BlastFM HD Internet Radio Station @ 256kbps By BlastFM Ltd
Genre(s) - Pop/Disco/Dance/Trance/Techno

BlastFM Internet Radio Station

I've been working hard on getting all of my metadata as good as possible in all of my music files, (three weeks to go through the BlastFMRadio library) and uploaded quite a few new tracks, not exactly sure how many but probably a hundred or more, the love of what I do and what I play drives me, I wonder if anyone will notice the slight change of beat lol, me and bruce fix it all, don't worry

Welcome to BlastFM Internet Radio Station. Broadcasting live 24/7 with three shows per day, Morning radio show: 6am - 11am, Daytime radio show: 11am - 10pm, Night radio show: 10pm - 6am. We also play a different show on Saturday nights: 10pm - 6am

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  • The Official Radio Station Of BlastFM Ltd And BlastFMRadio. 24/7 Non Stop HD Music. Morning, Daytime, Night Shows Daily.