You can connect to our stream using Shoutcast2 or Icecast2.

The Shoutcast2 stream is at: and the Icecast2 stream is at:

Information about the streams and what's currently playing can be found at: for Shoutcast2 and for Icecast2.

We provide two streams because some people may prefer Shoutcast2 over Icecast2 or the other way around, personally, I prefer the Icecast2 version.

We can provide much higher quality streams, we use MP3 format because the file sizes are fairly small on the server, although at 320kbps they are still fairly large. We can use a much higher output quality such as FLAC, but the file sizes are much larger and require much more disk space. In order to have all FLAC files, we would require a much larger server, in terms of disk space and possibly CPU and RAM.

We are also using MP3gain on the server to set a uniform replay gain across all the MP3 files. This gives us a loud, powerful stream without audio clipping, well, that's the idea anyway.

I would recommend using the Google Chrome web browser if you are listening to the direct link, as it gives much better performance than some of the others.