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Did you know that you can now upload your music to one or more of our radio stations yourself? You will have the ability to select how long you want your music played for and select which radio stations you want your music played on in a simple four step process?

Sound good? Visit: and get your music uploaded today!

BlastFM Limited Radio Station Network Submission Form

BlastFM Limited Radio Station Network Submission Form

Upload Your Music To Our Licensed Radio Stations In Four Easy Steps

I love it when I finally find a bug I've been chasing for months or years!

All of our Indie radio stations would have been affected, as well as some others by a bug which applied replay gain twice to radio station files when we are using a script to run the station rather than Airtime.


This is a file that can be used to trigger Shoutcast advertising on a radio station.

Ads must be enabled in the Shoutcast account (Shoutcast website) and set to 30 second commercials.

Ads will be triggered when this file is played, leave the meta data as it is.

You should be able to right click on the file timeline and save the audio as an MP3 file.


We have a clearly defined user agent for our radio station players on this site so you know it's just our stream player. Log entries will look like:

2021-08-01 00:32:21 INFO [DST sid=1] SHOUTcast 1 client connection accepted. User-Agent: `BlastFM Stream Player 1.0.0', UID: 19759, GRID: 19759


We have made another very small adjustment to our auto radio stations.

They now drop meta data for commercials so that they don't interrupt things like and where the commercials would trend becuase they play so often.

We have also made a small change to the way the audio gain is set, we previously normalized the audio but we are now normalizing it with parameters which should give a better response.

Some audio tracks were not complely stable when using the old system and slight fluctuations in volume might have been noticed.


These are the minimum meta tags required for license reporting. If you edit the metadata in Airtime it saves the values back to the files so you can download them once edited and they will always be right.
Title, Creator (Artist), Album, Genre, Year
Other meta tags are very useful, ISRC Number for example as this unique code tells the licensing authorities who to pay any royalties to. If this is missing there is a chance that the performing artist will never get any royalties because it could be claimed that they didn't know who to pay it to.

There are several places where you can lookup an ISRC code for an artist/track combination, personally I use this one most of the time as it is SoundExchange.


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