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We're about to #drop 16 Different #genres from 100 #indieartists, from all around the World, here's the count by #genres. #reverbnation #newartistsearch, from The Blast-FM Indie Radio Network. Tune in: tag: Andy Courcier, Salter Gann Universal Promotions & Management LLC, Dwayne Gann, Pamela CajunQueen Lounsberry, JMedia Music Promoter, Major Record Distribution Group, JMedia Music Group, JMedia-FM, Blast FM Ltd Media Company.
1. Alternative (6)
2. Americana (7)
3. Blues (6)
4. Christian (4)
5. Country (12)
6. Dance, EDM (4)
7. Hip Hop (5)
8. Indie (1)
9. Jazz (5)
10. Metal (9)
11. Pop (16)
12. R&B, Soul (3)
13. Reggae (6)
14. Rock (9)
15. Singer-Songwriter (6)
16. World (1)


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