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  • RENEE CARD MUSIC. Such an “official” sounding title for my Facebook page. Reading it makes me smile in excitement, yet feel so completely intimidated at the same time. I am surrounded by so many extremely talented local musicians, as well as those that I am blessed enough to meet along the way that have “made it” a lot farther than I have. What makes my music deserving of its own page? Two things I think. For one, being a musician isn’t about being the best. It’s about expressing a gift that you are given, on whatever level that is, and knowing you can’t live without it being a part of your life. Two, I am realizing that the songs that I pen are almost like entries to a diary of my life. Where life has let me down, where I have failed along my journey. Where I have been, where I am going. These songs are a part of me, and in that sense they are almost hard to share – it really is like a window into your soul. It’s scary! But, I believe that having a voice goes far beyond the music alone – it is an opportunity to make a positive difference in the world. I strive to make music with a meaning, which essentially is why I write. I am hoping my songs can resonate with the hearts of people; that they bring encouragement and hope.
    I am also a worship leader at River City Vineyard in Sarnia, Ontario. This is a position that I am so honoured to fill. It gives me an outlet to share my own songs, as well as use my gifts of music in a meaningful way. I have learned so much in while being a leader here. I have failed terribly at times in my years of leadership, and have had to step down at times to allow God to straighten a few things out in my heart. I have been broken wide open in this position, and it has been very hard. But every time it seems that I have fallen beyond reach, God has gently picked me up, taken the broken pieces, and put them back together into something more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. He has shown me His love for me, and how it is His love that is so real. His love is the only thing that has truly allowed me to step out of my past failures, and immense shame, and begin to understand that in Him I am made whole again. My songs are a reflection of this.
    Currently I am in studio working on my first EP with Prometheus Records in London, Ontario. Anyone who has done this knows it is a long road to get to the finished product! But the journey has been amazing, and the musicians and people working on this dream of mine have brought such a wonderful mix of talent. It is humbling. There is no release date as of yet, but I am excited that it is well underway!
    So this page will be a way to share my passion with those who are interested. Some of you know me quite well, others of you not very much at all, and I look forward to having a page that bridges that gap a little more. My goal over time is to not only share my music, but also more of my story, in the hopes to see others set free from the power of shame. Our past does not define us. Our best days are still ahead! We have the power to change ourselves, and Change the World.
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