Releasing a Song In the Context of The Present Crisis

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I would like to share some thoughts about coping with the present humanitarian crisis that affects us no a global scale as an artist making an endeavor to share music with healing power.

Music has always had healing power. Wanna Wake Up is a song about the need for spiritual awakening. It seems that the concept of rebirth has a special meaning during this spring. There is pain and suffering around, us, but also the feeling of solidarity, endurance, and hope that makes us stronger. I have decided to release this song at a time when the present global crisis seems to have reached a peak. Though I cannot capitalize on its the way I had expected by making live performances in traditional venues, I believe that it can still make a difference since people always need art to help them cope with challenging situations. 

Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow for sure, but it is certain that we will be more mature and think in a different way. It is obvious that we are all connected even though we may need to keep some physical distance. Humans have always adapted to new situations with their resourcefulness and shown resilience. For some of us, new opportunities may lie ahead. I am sure there is a way out of the issues experienced today. Patience and respect for one another is key.  smile

Photo by Arthur Ogleznev from Pexels

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