With each new dawn, the celestial body known only as 'Calamity' draws closer - and with it the end of the world. Humanity's only hope from oblivion rests in the menhirs, towering bastions of scholarship and imagination which cast long shadows across the lands. The scholars within the menhirs devote themselves selflessly to the discovery of new magic that will help avert the impending apocalypse ... or so the masses have been made to understand.

Just a taste of the Amber Menhir a book by Author Jonathan N. Pruitt.

Jonathan N. Pruitt is a lifelong educator turned fantasy author. His real-life redemption arc took him from being a child prodigy in an economically disadvantaged rural county in Florida, to obtaining his PhD at the age of 24, and then to an international scandal in 2020 that attacked his research methods. 

But like the Phoenix, he rises. 

 Jonathan has taught and traveled around the world. He is an enigmatic ball of energy that will bring humor, biting human insights, the perspective of a scientist, and the creative spirit of an inventor to our audience.

Hear the interview at Living Vertikal Radio, on January 24, at 9 PM EST and January 27 at 1 PM EST.

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