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  • Vernon Gerard an aspiring artist not for his personal advancement in life but to inspire others to Dream, Live, and LOVE! Vernon Gerard was born in Detroit, MI, where he resided until the age of 9 when he moved to the suburbs of Stockbridge, GA. From his day of birth Vernon Gerard has always been photogenic, not one to shy away from the camera, always giving you a Cool-Aid smile that would brighten up anyone's day. Not only was Vernon Gerard great friends with a camera but he wasn't a stranger to a microphone, which actually became his first love at the tender age of 3. Throughout his youth Vernon Gerard struggled to find his niche' in the World of the Arts, not sure if singing, modeling or dancing was really for him. After a lot of soul searching and praying he realized that music has always been there for him when he was down and out or up and in. Oh and not to mention it was in his blood, coming from a long blood line of musicians and singers. At this point in Vernon Gerard's life his bio is still being written so stay tuned for what's to come from this young man.