We have altered the way that we count spins under certain conditions. Take for example, a situation where an artist has several tracks that use the same image, and other tracks that use different images. In the past, the Spins Chart would count the artist hits as usual, but would also count the tracks that use a different image separately. This seems a little unfair because the artist hit count won't be as high as it should be because some hits are counted on tracks which might be way down the list.

From today onwards, when counting tracks, the system will first look to see if the artist exists and if so will count a hit for the artist and not the track. I noticed this behaviour today, Gareth Johnson is an example of this. He has a generic image that we use for most of his posts but requested that we use a different image for a certain track. As a result, his artist hit count isn't as high as it should be because some of the hits are on the track with a different image.
This seems a fairer way to do things.


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