We have now added a search option to the results pages to make it easier for artists to lookup all of the songs that we are playing. Simply use the magnifying glass next to the artist details to lookup all of their songs that we have images for.


If you find any of your images missing and would like us to add them, please leave a comment and/or image here. We will also need the EXACT artists and song title for the image.


Our spinchart also has the ability to show a link to our Music Sales website so that anyone can click the link and purchase the digital download.

We would encourage listeners to purchase a track or even an album from artists you like, show them some support, they rely on sales to make anything at all and the digital downloads are not expensive.

If your link isn't active, and you would like it to be, please send us a message below and we'll get you set up.

Spinchart: https://stations.blastfm.limited/top10.php
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Is time travel really possible?
In our case, the answer is yes, you can now timehop back to one year ago and see what was happening on our spin chart!

BlastFM Artist Spin Chart TimeHop

BlastFM Artist Spin Chart TimeHop

See What Was In The BlastFM Limted Music Spin Chart One Year Ago

Artists can use our built in search feature to see how many times their song(s) have been played on our radio stations at any time. Simply enter the artist name or song title and our search engine will get the results for you. Remember though that the spins chart resets the count on the first of each month and archives the data so at the beginning of the month the spin count will be zero or quite a low number, that is expected. Search here: https://stations.blastfm.limited/search.php


We are aware of an issue affecting the order of artist spins on the chart, some of them are out of numerical order, we will be looking into it and fixing it as soon as possible.


Information and updates regarding our Spins Chart