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PEACE FAM to answer the question people ask /Nostic music is an DJ ska rock steady reggae group that i collab with from time to time the collaboration produced the new Genre known as rap-ska(ska-hop) which is currently still and underground genre - we decided some time baCK to introduce the surface dweller to that genre through a song called DOGS IN THE BACK ON THE NOSTIC MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT LABEL THE STYLE OF RAP USE WAS A STYLE NOT KNOWN TO MANY WHICH WAS CALLED BROOKINS BY DJ KOOL HERC S(THE FATHER OF HIP HOP) PREDECESSORS SUCH AS KING STICH/ BROOKIN WAS THE PRECURSER WORD FROM WHICH DJ KOOL HERC DERIVE BREAKIN AS IN BREAK DANCE AS IN DJ KOOL HERC B-BOYS...PEACE