The label was formed in 1997 in the Carolinas. Spectra's initial releases were distributing compilation albums of new songs by veteran musicians. The label's first acts included 70's and 80's iconic singers that had still had substantial airplay at the time. Tours were assembled in support of each album release to help better sell the product. Numerous artists that appeared on the compilations and tours contribute to staying relevant and in demand from Spectra giving them the opportunities. In 1998, Spectra opened its doors to young artists that were cutting edge and showed potential for selling new music. The roster combines musical veterans as well as up and coming acts.
The labels initial success came from the genres of Rock and Country music artists. Dozens of artists throughout the existence of Spectra's history have achieved chart topping success as well as award winning and high selling record status.
The original focus was initially rock music and since branched into pop, country, hip-hop, jazz and urban music. In 2001, artists were divided under different divisions under the Spectra Music Group company to separate genres so the music could better standout. Since 2007, all artists are currently considered to be signed to the parent company, Spectra. As of 2008, numerous subsidiary labels now fall under the Spectra Music Group. Spectra continues to operate out of the Southeast as well as United Kingdom, Canada, and the latest in Germany. In 2014 and 2015, Spectra entered the Billboard_charts a total of 15 times with 11 different artists.
In 2016, Spectra Music Group re-entered the Billboard_charts with several new up and coming artists reaching as high as Number 12. The label also gained a Grammy Nomination for one of their artists' in the R&B/Soul genre for 'Best Record of the Year.'
Spectra Music Group launched Spectra Filmworks in 2008 to develop and produce feature films. Spectra Filmworks markets and sells feature films, series, television specials and short films to consumers worldwide. In 2010, United Foreign Media agreed to have its movies distributed by Spectra Filmworks. Everlast Media Group was also acquired by Spectra Filmworks in 2011. In 2014, Arclight Releasing was sold to Spectra Filmworks which at the time had over 2,000 films in its catalog. Spectra Filmworks is also credited for the release of many notable films such as Royal Wedding, A Christmas Carol, Metropolis_(1927_film), The Outlaw, Charade, McLintock!, The House on the Haunted Hill, One-Eyed Jacks, Little Shop of Horrors, Penny Serenade, Escape From Sobibor, Zulu_(1964_film), Creepers, Night of the Living Dead and Chiller.
In 2014 and 2015 Spectra Filmworks completed a series of original documentaries on former President Ronald Reagan, Princess Diana and Charlie Chaplin among others. In 2015, Definitive Broadcasting sold their television channel which at the time aired cult classic films to Spectra Filmworks for an undisclosed amount. Spectra Filmworks changed the format of the station to spotlight Independent Films and launched IMC (Independent Movie Channel) which currently has over 1,000 movies in its database. Spectra Filmworks partnered with Comcast and Roku to air and stream its channel. IMC currently has over 120,000 monthly subscribers.
Audiobook Company
In 2013 Beacon Audiobooks: A division of the Spectra Music Group was formed as a major distributor of audio books after signing actor Matthew Modine who teamed up with Spectra to release an Audiobook entitled "Full Metal Jacket Diary." Beacon Audiobooks is one of the top largest independent audiobook publishers in the United States, offering over 30,000 audiobooks. The company is a division of the Spectra Music Group. Beacon Audiobooks distributes directly to consumers through all major digital and physical platforms throughout the world, as well as to the library market, military bases, high schools, colleges and universities. Beacon Audiobooks represents dozens of publishing houses, celebrity authors, inspiring authors and veteran narrators.
In 2014 the company won two Audie Awards. In 2016, Beacon Audiobooks were honored with awards for their production in narration. Numerous audio book titles narrated and distributed by Beacon have landed in the top sellers in the industry for the year.