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We have updated our post like settings. You can now select from several reactions to a post, including Like, Love, Wow, Haha, Sad, Angry etc. This brings our systems more inline with other social media websites so that it is easy and familiar to use.

We are aware that this change will effectively reset the likes on posts but this should prove to be a better system going forward.

We have also enabled coloured posts, where the background of the post can be selected. We will add more background gradient options in time.

Please feel free to let us know your thoughts about this change.

When adding social media links to your profile it is important that you do not use the url part of the link, you should only use the username part of the link. For example: if your Facebook link is you would just use mrsmith for the social media link. The procedure is the same for all of the social media links. If you do not do it this way, your links will be something like: https://facebook.com which won't work.

You can check that your links are right by visiting your profile page, hovering over the links and looking at the url that is reported by your web browser.


Please note that all of our radio station players are now getting their images from our own/new system at:
If you notice any problems please let us know.
We have a lot of images still to add so please be patient while we improve this service.

This page is very useful for looking up ISRC codes for songs. All media files should have an ISRC code embedded in the MP3 meta data so that royalties can be paid to the artist/band for their song plays.!/search

You can get ISRC codes for your music at:
It costs a little bit of money per song but potentially it could make the difference between getting paid royalties and not getting paid any.

What is the easiest way to send BlastFM Limited a payment?
Besides the automated billing system that we use for generating invoices and making payments when they are due, you can also send a payment to us directly and easily.
Just go to where 90.00 is the amount in USD that you are sending to us. You can adjust this yourself if you are sending a different amount.
We will then generated a user account in our billing system so that you will be invoiced automatically if and when another payment is due.

We are aware of an issue affecting the images on our radio station players. This is due to circumstances outside of our control. We use to get our images for the players and they have today decided that they are no longer going to allow third parties to get cover art via their API. We are looking for alternatives.

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