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Our website has been updated to a new version, as always, if you experience any problems, please do let us know as we might not be aware of your particular issue.


Just to let you know, we do not sell, give away or even view your private data, we use location services to allow weather apps to give you weather reports and so that you can sign in from a chosen location and nothing else.

We are too busy with everything else we have to do to be looking at people's data, in that sense, this is probably one of the most secure social media platforms.


Our server operating system has been updated today but hopefully everything is working normally now.

The server is now running Ubuntu 16.04 and Php 7.0


We have once again updated our software to include new features, if you experience any issues please let us know in the comments below.


Due to security updates on our server we will be carrying out a reboot, You may need to log back in, we will be back in a few seconds...


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