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How can I add/edit the meta tags in my MP3 files?
You can download MP3Tag here:
This will allow you to edit the metadata in your MP3 Files.
Although we can edit the files ourselves, we don't have free time to spend on it so we expect that this is already done when we are sent files.


We now have all of our streams converted to be able to provide secure (SSL) radio streams. This was important to us because when we have a player on a webpage that is secure, with a non-secure stream it would break the SSL on the webpage, (give a warning in the browser that not all of the content on the page is secure), we can now play the streams on various SSL pages and not break anything, because the secure streams can be played. This is still fairly experimental, not only for us but for people like Shoutcast as they are still in development with it. So far everything seems to be working fine, please report any problems.

If you are using a Google Chrome web browser and you want our radio stations to autoplay without the need to click the play button, enter chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy in your Chrome browser and change the Autoplay policy to No user gesture is required, then restart your browser.

We are aware of an issue with our radio players not displaying artist images. We have investigated and it appears that the problem is at where we get our images from, we have made them aware of the issue and we are waiting for them to fix it. In the meantime, the players all work and you can listen to them.

You can now download your personal information, posts, followers, groups, pages and more at any time by going to and selecting the information you wish to download from the available options, a file will then be generated and downloaded containing all of your information. We have kept all posts right back to the 11th December 2016

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