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Reverbnation Artists - please add your images to your profile or as a post so that we can get the images uploaded for our radio station players. We do our best to find the images and upload them for you but there will always be times where we get it wrong so please help us. Thanks #BlastFMMusicArt

3 months ago

Welcome to our #musiccommunity & Corporate Social Media Site: #blastfmsocialmedia. if you want to be #verified Artist here, You must complete all #bio info using #realname #phone number, post a #profile image and #background image and write a bio with #website info. Then we will Verify your account, at no cost to you.


Please check out our forums at and post for support or anything else you would like to tell us about. If you would like to become a forum moderator and have some experience with moderating forums please let us know and we will consider your application. You will need to be registered on our website at before we can consider your application.

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BlastFM Limited

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We have turned up the volume! We have increased the initial volume of our players to 50%. Originally, we had them set to a low volume so as not to make people jump when they viewed a page with a player on it. Do you think this is better? Should it be higher/lower? Let us know your thoughts.

Both of our stream players, located at: and should now be fully functional again. We ran into a few technical issues but they should be fully resolved now. As always, please feel free to report any issues that may arise.

We have allowed users access to create blogs. This was previously only allowed by admins and we will be monitoring it. Please use it as it was intended to be used.