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Please note that we will not verify incomplete user profiles. Incomplete meaning there are no proper images for the cover/avatar and/or there is insufficient information about the user

If you want to order radio airplay for your music, you will first need to register an account at: and then you can order an advertising package from there. If you are ordering a domain name, your profile will need to include all of your address/contact details as ICANN requires this information for all domain name registrations.

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The problem affecting sharing posts to other social media services where the posts would not appear properly has now been resolved-ish. There may still be issues that we are un-aware of but from what we can see, the vast majority of posts are going out correctly. We will continue to monitor the situation. Some posts, the sharing of video's for example still have issues that we are aware of.

The problem affecting Safari based devices, namely iPhone etc, where the chat system would fail to open up has now been fully resolved.

The problem that was affecting our comment system and not enabling users to post replies to posts has now been fully resolved. Happy #Blasting !

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