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We are aware of an issue that is affecting scrobbles and scrobbles.

We previously sent all requests to and that forwarded the scrobbles to is experiencing problems, we have reported the issue, but we don't know when it will be fixed.

We are therefore, working on a fix to send scrobbles directly to and separately, this reduces the single point of failure at

As a bonus, we will be adding a new feature, we will be scrobbling albums, so it is more important than ever to make sure that the album data is entered and correct for each song on your radio station.

We are aware of an issue which is affecting the spin count on songs on our Spin Chart and are working to fix it. We expect the procedure to take a while so please bear with us as we update our systems.

New automated music upload service launched. You can now upload your music automatically for radio airplay. Please visit and fill out the form to upload your music.

BlastFM Limited Radio Station Network Submission Form

BlastFM Limited Radio Station Network Submission Form

Upload Your Music To Our Licensed Radio Stations In Four Easy Steps

Our website has been updated to a new version, as always, if you experience any problems, please do let us know as we might not be aware of your particular issue.

Just to let you know, we do not sell, give away or even view your private data, we use location services to allow weather apps to give you weather reports and so that you can sign in from a chosen location and nothing else.

We are too busy with everything else we have to do to be looking at people's data, in that sense, this is probably one of the most secure social media platforms.


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