"Solroc Music & Entertainment" is the record label and entertainment company founded by the multi award winning recording artist and producer, Carlos Morgan. Morgan's vision for Solroc Music & Entertainment is to be a company that helps to build and support the R&B/Soul, Gospel, Jazz & Reggae music community in Canada.

Recognizing the lack of support for black music in Canada and Morgan's passion for black music and artists in Canada, is Morgan's motivation for creating S.M.& E.

Solroc Music (Label) has released one album to date, the award winning, "The Compilation", from Carlos Morgan. The second release from Solroc Music is coming Spring 2016. Morgan will also be signing another artist in 2016 to Solroc Music.

Solroc Music is producing new shows and concerts. The shows and concert s include "The Legends Of Soul", "The R&B Jazz Songbook", "The Duet Songbook", The Solo